Crimson Moon - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Red Moon - Final Fantasy IV

Twin Moons - Final Fantasy XI

Tonight on April 14/15th, 2014 at 12:53 A.M. EST is the Blood Moon eclipse on Planet Earth (not in a Final Fantasy game…lol). This is a very rare occurrence, read more here and here.

Reminded me of the Crimson Moon, Red Moon, and Twin Moons that appear in the Final Fantasy video game series. Read more above, through the links provided in this entry.

Final Fantasy Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy XI Crimson Moon Red Moon Twin Moons Blood Moon

Ecstasy of St. Theresa (L’Estasi di Santa Teresa), 1647–52 - Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Final Fantasy VII (ファイナルファンタジーVII), 1998, Aerith’s Death - Square Enix

Personal art history and video game history analysis.

Gifs my own.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Ecstasy of St. Theresa Gian Lorenzo Bernini Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy art art history video games

Yojimbo (Final Fantasy X summon)? Yohji Yamamoto? More like Yohjimbo Yamamoto.

Thought of this and had to create these edits…

Final Fantasy X Yojimbo summon edits my own.


Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy video games Yohji Yamamoto fashion

Celtic Moon - Enya

World Theme (World Map Theme #1) - Final Fantasy IV (III) (1991)

I heard this Enya song by chance and was immediately psyched… HAS ANYONE ELSE EVER ENCOUNTERED THIS COMPARISON?!?! Mindfuck…


Enya Final Fantasy Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy III music video games

Entire office/studio/general living quarters completely covered with manila oak tag master patterns, rolls, bolts, and muslin toiles… all year, every year… #lifestyle

Pattern-Making/Cutting BDSM

• Pattern Hook and Pattern Notcher Ring Gags

• French Curve and Teflon Shoe Spanking Paddles

I don’t even want to think about pattern hook nipple clamps… lol…

I’ll add more to this list later…?

pattern-making pattern-cutting fashion

R.O.D.: The TV OP (2003)


R.O.D.: The TV anime music

Cowboy Bebop OP (カウボーイビバップ Kaubōi Bibappu) (1998)

Tank! - The Seatbelts (Episodes 1–25)

Interesting fact that The Seatbelts was a blues/jazz band led by composer and instrumentalist Yoko Kanno… who has a particularly popular anime OST reputation.


Cowboy Bebop anime music The Seatbelts

I was looking through my computer and found these old Miley Cyrus x Pokémon crossover pictures I thought of and created around last year … lol …

Featuring Miley Cyrus x Golbat and Miley Cyrus x Lickitung.

See: Pokémon breeding and Pokémon Fusion (interesting online Pokémon script, semi-related).

Miley Cyrus music Pokémon video games
Before We Begin - Broadcast

This was my New Year jam.

Broadcast music New Year 2014
Merry Christmess
Last year’s greetings.
Merry Christmess

Last year’s greetings.

Various Dürkopp Adler Industrial Sewing Machines (#291, #294, #196, #867 M-Type Eco Series)

'da illest. Christmas wishes.

Nirvana is a studio office full of Dürkopp Adler machines.


Dürkopp Adler

Pastel Ink - Moetan, Queen’s Gate - Bubba

1/6 Resin Cast

Interesting serpent detail.


anime resin figure Moetan Pastel Ink

Golden Starlet - Paroxysm Records

Really, really digging Token Gadgy… the whole band in general… buy the LP here… great listen. Have since moved under International Strike Force… wanna give Soeur a listen…

music Golden Starlet International Strike Force Paroxysm Records

Mount Carmel Center - Waco, Texas

Branch Davidians - “The Branch” (1955 - 1993)

(Source: Wikipedia)